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Our Services At Salon

Whether you’re getting ready for a night on the town, heading to a special event or just want to make heads turn as you walk by, we provide a range of services to get you looking your best. Check out what we offer below.


Classic Lashes

DEMURE Classic lash extensions are a one-to-one eyelash application, for a natural look.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lash is a customized classic and volume mix, for a more fuller look.

Volume Lashes

Volume lash is a bouquet of hand made lash fans, light or mega for desired look. 


Dying lash and brow to darken or intensify colour, for a natural mascara look or just wanting a darker shade of brows.

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Paraffin is applied to hands and feet helping skin be supple and soft, many cosmetic and therapeutic benefits.

Brow Lamination

brow lamination making your eye brows look bold, defined and fluffy.


Microblading temporary eye brow tattooing, hair like strokes to enhance natural beauty. 

Brow Shaping

Brow wax, trimming and shaping of the natural brow. 

Gel Sculptured Nails

& Gel polish

Gel sculptured nails using a modelling resin, cures under a LED light enhancing length, colour and art.

Gel polish, applied to natural nail one -step system strengthens and promotes growth of natural nail. colours and art.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are sculpted by combining a liquid acrylic product with a powdered acrylic. enhancing with art, colour and length.


Manicure for fingernails and hands consist of filing and shaping the free edge of nails, pushing cuticles and clipping. Massage of hand and with or without polish.

Gel polish add on if wanted.


Pedicures soaking of the feet involves cutting, trimming and shaping of your toe nails with or without polish. finished with massage, gel polish add on if wanted.


Removing lash extensions or sculptured nails

Safely, without damage.

Lash Lift & Tint

Lash lift curls your natural lashes to give you a fuller, brighter eye. without having to apply lash extensions and tinting your lashes for a mascara look.

Facial Waxing

Waxing unwanted hair on your beautiful face.

Cheeks, side burns, chin and neck.

What Our Clients Say


Amy, Client for 7 Years.

Demure Beauty has been doing my beauty services for 7 years, always great services, smiling faces. Extremely clean and comfortable.

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