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Sassy Adhesive

Sassy Adhesive


This is one Sassy glue with a drying time of 0.5-1 second.

Best for hand made volume fans with the top-of-the-line drying time. 




  • Experienced - Advanced
  • Strength - Extremely strong
  • Drying time - 0.5 - 1 seconds
  • *Wide range humidity
  • Lash room humidity – 30-80 %
  • Temperature – (18-23) c – (64-73) f
  • Best retention - 8 weeks
  • Viscosity – Thin
  • Black shine finish
  • 10ml & 5 ml
  • Comes with opener and extra cap


All glues need to be vigorously shaken for at least 5 minutes with Demure Glue Shaker or by hand upon first open! Always shake your glue before every use (side to side )

Directions for use: A little go's a long way.

1- 2 mm lash dip for secure bond with adhesive


Storage: If unused and unopened storing in fridge will increase shelf life. Opened product store in temperatures between 2-10 Celsius or in Demure air tight container with silica pack.


we suggest a mason jar with rice, great little hack!

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