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Nail art class






About the Course

Demure art classes.

We hold art classes hourly, depending on what you want to learn,
updating your art or simply wanting to learn more for your portfolio.
We supply all the art supplies you need on any request for art classes.

A bit about myself and my career as a nail technician
I attended nail school in 2010 with EnVogue nail products. This company produced gel products only and so I became solely a gel technician. I have had three jobs in the industry since completing my course; my first for 2 years in a spa environment, the second for 7 years in a nail salon, and my current job at Demure Beauty where we offer a variety of services. I have learned a great deal at each and every job, from my bosses, from my co-workers, and from my clients, and I value every single lesson. I have considered teaching for many years, but it wasn’t until this past year that I felt supported and pushed to do it, and I am so glad I did! I have always been confident in sharing knowledge and experience.
We will be using the Ugly Duckling Nails system. I chose this product line because it is local to the island, it wears very well and it is wonderful to work with! Here is a little bit about the company.

Your Instructor

Olivia Rooke

Olivia Rooke
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