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Gel sculptured nail course




14 Weeks


About the Course

This course will cover
o Sculptured gel nail extensions, fills, and overlays
o Premium fit tip application
o Gel polish application and removal
o Proper e-file use
FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS- literally. On social media. Eat, sleep, breathe nails
o Follow the Ugly Duckling girls on Instagram and YouTube
o @Chrystacle
o @NatashaHarton
o @UglyDucklingNals & @UglyDucklingNailProducts

You will receive your nail supplies: As mentioned before, we will be using exclusively Ugly Duckling Nails products
o If you choose to explore other gel product lines (we will cover “breaking systems” in class) please do so on your own time outside of class
o Check over your kit, YOU SHOULD HAVE:

· Cuticle pusher
· Cuticle nippers
· Gel brush
· LED gel lamp
· Nail smock/ apron
· 5X medium grit nail files
· 5X heavy grit nail files
· 100X gel nail forms
· 5x Face masks

· Nail prep
· Nail primer
· Natural base
· 15ml clear modeling gel
· 15ml white modeling gel
· 15ml fufu modeling gel
· No wipe top coat
· Gel polish color

o Ugly Duckling Nail Supply in Victoria has your name on file for a temporary professional product purchasing account so you can order more product at any time. They offer free pick up or free delivery over $150. This account will expire at the end of our classes and you will need to send in your certificate to create your own professional account.
o You will receive your text books:
o Face to Face with Doug Schoon; volumes I, II & III
o It will be up to you to thoroughly read this text. This is all the information that I only wish I had in nail school. All questions answered, this is where your examination will be coming from (80% text, 20% class content)
o We will discuss business along the way- please ask questions as we go, this will count as part of your participation.
o Full set French nail demo in class
o Review any questions you have so far


February 16th- April 1st Wednesday & Friday 4-8pm

April 13th- May 27th Wednesday & Friday 4-8pm

September 7th-October 21st Wednesday & Friday 4-8pm

November 2nd-December 16th Wednesday & Friday 4-8pm

A bit about myself and my career as a nail technician
I attended nail school in 2010 with EnVogue nail products. This company produced gel products only and so I became solely a gel technician. I have had three jobs in the industry since completing my course; my first for 2 years in a spa environment, the second for 7 years in a nail salon, and my current job at Demure Beauty where we offer a variety of services. I have learned a great deal at each and every job, from my bosses, from my co-workers, and from my clients, and I value every single lesson. I have considered teaching for many years, but it wasn’t until this past year that I felt supported and pushed to do it, and I am so glad I did! I have always been confident in sharing knowledge and experience.
We will be using the Ugly Duckling Nails system.

Your Instructor

Olivia Rooke

Olivia Rooke
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